Established in 1984, Shiela Nail Products Inc., started by Shahla “Shiela” Bahrami, then as Shiela Nail Supply, began as a supplier to local beauty supply shops and nail salons in the Southern California area.  Shiela provided personal attention to all of her retail clients and established herself as an honest and hard-working woman in the beauty supply world.  Shiela grew her small company into a strong force in the nail supply industry, expanding her clientele internationally, providing nail and beauty supplies to countries within 5 continents.

Also, Shiela has designed and manufactured nail jewelry and toe rings, with over 2000 designs.  Many of her exclusive nail jewelry and nail charms were featured in magazine ads (Nails Magazine and Nail Pro Magazine), prompting the trend throughout the nail industry.  In addition, Shiela Nail Products is the exclusive distributor of Micra brand products, which includes corn planers and blades, cuticle and acrylic nippers, tweezers, and manicure and pedicure implements.  She also has exclusive lines of products, including the Mahyar Line of manicure sets and nail decals, as well as the Shiela Tweezers, Pushers, and Cuticle Nippers line.

Nail and Beauty Supply Wholesaler

In 2005, Shiela Nail Products became an incorporated business providing wholesale nail and beauty supply products throughout the United States, as well as to global markets.  Shiela continues to provide wholesale nail supply merchandise to her many customers, and has been known to take on special orders and projects, such as custom costume jewelry, crystal embellished clothing and accessories, and beaded jewelry design.  Shiela is known for her amazing customer service, her honesty, and her professional work ethic.  Shiela Nail Products, Inc. provides excellent service and products, and much one-on-one attention from Shiela personally.